Monday, March 2, 2009

Friday the 13th- Fun for the Whole Family! Mmm-hmm!

I like going to movies at the right time. For example, seeing Friday the 13th on Friday the 13th. It's just cool. Anyways, I do this, and am totally enjoying the experience. Sure, there are people talking, but it's a cheesy slasher flick. There were two people, however, that both annoyed me so much I couldn't decided who was more annoying. So, I will leave it up to you, dear readers.

Person #1: Sat directly behind us and started to make grunty noises. You know the ones. "Mm. Mmm mmm. Unh unh. Uh. " This doesn't seem annoying, but I trust you, it was. If you have experienced a Grunter, you know.

Person #2: Sat to the left of us. Decided a movie about marijuana, boobs, and violent, bloody, deaths was the perfect one to bring their *clearly* under five year old daughter to. This is clearly more morally reprehensible than Person #1, but is it more annoying? No. Unless you factor in the fact that said daughter kept crying that she was scared and asking what was going on, only to be told by her mother and father to be quiet. The cherry on the top was every time there was nudity or sex (which happened quite often) the kid's mother would very loudly shout "don't look! don't look!" Maybe I want to look, which is why I bought tickets to this movie. Maybe you should have hired a babysitter instead of taking your still potty-training toddler to a rated-R movie about someone who kills people.

Question: which is more annoying to sit next to, and why?


Liz Lafferty, Fiber Addict said...

The "parents" are. I cannot fathom exposing a preschooler to a slasher movie for many, many reasons.

First, why on earth would you deliberately traumatize a child? God only knows life will do that soon enough without the people who are supposed to PROTECT them from harm forcing it upon them.

Leaving childhood trauma out of it,the parents could hardly enjoy the movie with their child fussing and carrying on all the way through it. I'm not even going to mention the rudeness to the rest of the PAYING customers because nobody gives a rhino's left nut about manners or courtesy anymore.

If you remember, when we went to see Saw (ouch! AWFUL pun, sorry!)the exact same situation ocurred. I have regretted not saying something to those parents all this time. On the other hand, you were watching Monty Python when you were five, and look how great YOU turned out!

Kitten said...

This is EXACTLY why I haven't been to the movies in five years. I need to get into Netflix...

Jay said...

Two words...Bear Trap!

Also, The only thing i learned from the new Friday the 13th movie is...

Don't fuck with Jason's pot.