Tuesday, March 10, 2009

For all the Fencers Out There

As with all sports, it's a good idea to do some training on your own to keep your body in good condition and improve your skill. Here is a good workout laid out by Colin, the leader of our local salle, Salle Honolulu. Anybody in the Oahu/Hawaii area or avid fencers who will be visiting long enough to get the itch to practice, feel free to contact me for more info. Without further ado;

follow the classic pro boxing championship model: 15 3-minute rounds
with one-minute rests between each
start out simple and add one move per round
end simple: the last round is just lunging and recovering

round one: advancing & retreating (varying speed and size of steps;
also include stutter-steps and body feints)
round two: add lunging (varying size of lunge and type of recover -
backward, forward, scissors)
round three: add another footwork move
and so on.

when you run out of footwork moves, add bladework moves
when you run out of moves, change from one round to the next by
visualizing (imagine an opponent), or change what you're visualizing
(imagine a different opponent)

when you fence bouts in your head, imagine winning close bouts and
come-from-behind bouts

This is also a good workout for non-fencers to build stamina and agility!

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