Thursday, May 8, 2008

No doubt...

I'm not inviting any debate on this post, sorry. I would just like to say that my nephew is going to be either in the media or modeling industry, and here is some photographic evidence:

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Good day sunshine!

I took a language class a couple years ago, and at the beginning of it we had to pick names in that language. I chose mine at random and got stuck being called "sunrise" or Dawn I guess would be the English equivalent, for a year and a half. I hated it, one reason being i still can't pronounce it properly and the other reason being that I really don't consider myself a sunshiney person.

So I got to thinking, which I do sometimes. This train of thought came when I was complaining how much it sucked to be awake in the daytime. See, I naturally wake up sometime around sunset and fall asleep around dawn. Vampire jokes aside, I realized that for some people/mythological beings, dawn is the time to stop and rest. Or, turn to ash. So I now take pride in having a name that represents the concept of subjectivity.