Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sometimes a person just needs to vent.

I know I've posted everything that's been going on in my life on Facebook, but it's almost two in the morning and for some reason I'm still awake, so I thought that I would put down everything in a blog post and go to bed. Because people have a lot of friends on Facebook, and sometime my updates get lost. In no particular order:

Health- right now, I'm in the middle of week 2 healing up from my surgery. I had an ovary removed because it got taken over by a benign fibroma. It made me very ill, and as much as I am sore, I am feeling much better and am looking forward to when I'm completely healed so that I can start exercising again. My muscles are killing me from a lack of activity followed by a burst of activity. I can't even take a shower for too long before my back starts hurting. Stupid fibromyalgia.

School- I got accept to UH Manoa (yay!) and just got the "well, we got more money from you, so I guess you're serious about coming, have a course catalog" package, and now I have to get the health form filled out, which shouldn't be that bad. But it's a new thing, and of course I'm nervous. Namely about having to drive to Honolulu every morning. It's not fun. That and I have no idea what courses to take. Jay assures me that someone will tell me, but I don't even know if I want to stick with prelaw. I haven't even started college yet and I'm thinking about changing my major.

Etsy- I've started leaning towards beading more on Etsy, but have ended up getting more business in person, maybe it's because I'm cute, but I just bought some more supplies thanks to my mom, and hope to sell some stuff, because I feel bad about Jay buying frivolous things for me, as much as he can afford them, because I'm used to being able to afford my own stuff. As much as this will change when I start going to school and will be getting a government paycheck again, I want to do my bit. I'm trying to do some graphic design work done too, but there are so many graphic design artists on Etsy, I am definitely doing more for people I know.

That's about all the ranting I'm going to do for now because anyone who reads this knows all this already, and I should probably try again to sleep. I'm not having a bout of insomnia or stressed out or anything, it's actually quite stupid in that my husband's erratic breathing patterns jar me awake. It could be because I'm a little tense.